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Why Lundberg Custom Club? - Good customers are worthy discounts & extra service. This is the way we handle it.

How do I join? - U dont need to apply, we will take care of it. If you have purchased for over 25,000sek within a year you automatically will become a member. We will overview your purchases and put you in your earned level.

How much will I save? - It depends of your purchase volume of course. There are four levels: Bronze (5%), Silver (8%), Gold (12%) & Platinum (15%). Also shipping is free for all levels except Bronze. The discount appears directly when you log in to your account.

Do I get somthing else? - Sure, you will get special member deals. You are free to use our logo in any ads, posts, prints etc. (ex ”Sponsored by Lundberg Custom”). "Lundberg Custom Pro Team" is not allowed to use if youre not part of it of course.

Does everybody in my shop have the same discount? - This is only for a single account at However you can have one account for all artists in the shop and solve the individual stuff in house. Its up to you. This is the only way we can have control of your purchases and make sure that a loyal customer get the discount he or she earned. 



Some items are not discounted. For example: Cheyenne, TatSoul furnitures (5% from gold or platinum level. Call us for manual discount), most of the tattoo machines (except, HM, Eikon, bishop etc), Some books. Already discounted products won’t be effected by your level either.


Bronze Level 5% discount. Min 25 000 sek purchase/year (ex tax)

Silver Level 8% discount & free shipping (only with PostNord* in Sweden). Min 50 000 sek purchase/year (ex tax)

Gold Level 12% discount & free shipping (only with PostNord* in Sweden). Min 100 000 sek purchase/year (ex tax)

Platinum Level 15% discount & free shipping (only with PostNord* in Sweden). Min 150 000 sek purchase/year (ex tax)




The discount system will automatically put you at the right level based on the last 365 days purchases. 


Again we would like to point that the Lundberg Custom Club is not the same as a member of the Lundberg Custom Pro Team.

* Free shipping for package up to 10kg using service "My Pack" only. COD fees (Postförskottsavgifter) will always be charged.