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In co-operation with Svea Ekonomi AB, we are able to provide payment options through credit card, invoice, intallment, direct transfer through online bank and Swish. This solution is called Svea Checkout. By entering your information in the checkout you agree to Svea's Terms and Conditions. By confirming your purchase you agree to Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB's Terms and Conditions.
Payment using credit card follows applicable laws for online payment in Sweden and the EU. We use Svea Ekonomi/Webpay's hosted PCI-DSS certified solution for credit card payment.
We accept Visa and MasterCard. Payments are reserved from your account at the time of purchase.
All transactions are sent via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that are encrypted. No credit card numbers are saved. We use 3D Secure – the latest technology for safe credit card payments on the internet. This standard is produced by Visa and MasterCard to safely validate you as a consumer when making purchases online.
To shop with an invoice, you must enter your social security number or organization number if you shop for a company. To be able to shop with an invoice, you must be over 18 years of age and be registered in Sweden. The usual credit check takes place after the personal information has been provided at the checkout. If a credit report is taken, a copy will be sent to you. The payment period for invoices is 14 days for private individuals and 30 days for companies from the invoice date. In the event of late payment, an agreed and statutory reminder fee is paid. Interest on arrears is paid at 2% per month. In the event of non-payment, the invoice is handed over for collection. All invoices are transferred to Svea Ekonomi AB (publ).
You can also choose to pay in installments for your purchase. You choose the credit time by checking the campaign option that suits you best at the checkout. The purchase can always be paid in full at any time before the due date. To be able to pay in installments, you must be over 18 years of age and be registered in Sweden. The usual credit check takes place after the personal information has been provided at the checkout. If a credit report is taken, a copy will be sent to you.

Partial payment example: Effective interest on purchases of SEK 10,000, period 12 months, 0% interest, set-up fee SEK 195, notice fee SEK 29 = 10.55%.



For direct transfer from your online bank, payment is made via Trustly. Trustly supports Swedish banks and is free of charge for you as a customer. Upon payment, you are automatically connected to your internet bank where you log in and approve the transaction. The money is deducted directly from your account in connection with you approving the transaction.



Payment with Swish is provided in co-operation with Svea Ekonomi AB. Payment is fast, easy och secure due to Mobile BankID verification.



For orders within Sweden we also provide Cash On Delivery (postförskott) as a payment method.





For all orders that are placed outside of Scandinavia we offer Paypal as an option.



Orders made in another person's name without his consent, or otherwise, that result in store owners financial or other suffering and/or injury will be reported to the police. Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB own all the rights to the products until full payment has received.



All prices are exl. VAT. All prices listed on our site are based on product price, unless otherwise agreed. Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB follows price changes on the market. Prices in effect at the order also applies at the time of delivery.



Cancellation of orders is possible as long as the order is not packed . Cancellation of non-stock items purchased specifically for the customer is not possible after an order has been placed for the specific item(s) from our supplier. A cancellation is not valid until confirmation has been received from shop owners.

As an individual, you are under Distance Contracts, which came into force 2000-06-01. The right to cancel a purchase within 14 calendar days, but less than 7 working days of receipt.



Orders that are sent back to us due to being unclaimed are held until contact with customer has been established. We charge SEK 250 for extra shipping and handling expenses.



Before a product is returned , please contact us . It is the customer 's responsibility to ensure that the product is packaged well . We reserve the right to replace the defective product with an equivalent in cases where an identical product is not available at the time of action of the returned .


The consumer has a three (3) year right of complaint regardless of the warranty period that applies to a product according to Swedish consumer legislation. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time after the fault is discovered (2 months). Returns must be sent together with a completed form. Always contact us at regardless of the case. All warranty or complaint cases must be submitted with this completed form. The shipping method must be direct to our address, not to a delivery point or via letter shipping. If the warranty period applies, we may be responsible for the shipping. Warranty on e.g. machines is normally covered by the manufacturer.

The normal case for guarantees looks like this, unless otherwise stated:

  • Tattoo machines - 12 months (no battery)
  • Batteries - 6 months*
  • Power supply - 12 months
  • Lamps, Light tables - 12 months
  • Grip, Tools - 12 months
  • Clipcords, foot pedals - 3 months**
  • Merchandise - 1 month

*Batteries are a consumable item which, if used incorrectly, can become unusable very quickly. Some types of batteries with Lithum cell/s can break during deep discharge or vent during constant charging for a long time. Incorrect charging source can also be the cause of a damaged battery. Components or circuit boards etc have a 12 month warranty.

** Clipcords and foot pedals have a 12 month warranty on solders, fixed components but only 3 months on breakage in the middle of the cable. The most common cause of cable breakage is self-inflicted in the form of being rolled over with e.g. office chair.

Products that are not covered by warranty are consumables such as needles, paints, stencil paper, blotting paper, ink cups, etc., etc.

If the products are faulty, of course the right to complain applies. In order to get a complaint through, the customer must always send the product in for inspection by us, alternatively a video clip or something else that shows that the product is obviously faulty and could not break due to incorrect handling. This must be reported no later than two months after purchase in order to be entitled to a complaint.

Transport damage must be reported no later than 5 working days after delivery for the right to a replacement.

Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB

Strandgatan 30

52331 Ulricehamn


tel: +46(0)321-13666



Lundberg Custom Supplies AB reserve the rights for typographical errors, errors in information, errors in the specifications ofthe products presented in our webshop and the continous changes that might occur in this information. All images on our sites should be seen as illustrative and we can't guarantee that the product image renders exactly as in real life. Differences in color can occur due to the hardware, software and other external factors that may alter the perception of the object at the time of viewing.



In the event of war, natural disasters, strikes, government decisions, lack of deliveries from our suppliers, costly event, and similar events beyond our control which is not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the agreements and commitments on shop owner's side, which allows the store owner does not can keep that agreement / pledge shall constitute grounds for the shop owner released from its obligations to fulfill that contract ..


Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB

We at Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB protect you and your personal integrity. It's important for us to make you feel confident when you leave your information to us. We therefore treat your personal information in an open manner with your integrity in focus.

This Privacy Policy, which applies to anyone who, in any way, uses Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB's services or products and / or otherwise contacts us, we explain, inter alia, how and why we process your personal information and what rights you have under applicable privacy laws.

Unless specifically specified, Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB, org. No. 556827-9953, Strandgatan 30, 52331 Ulricehamn, ("Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB", "we") who is responsible for processing your personal information.

You are always welcome to contact us for any questions regarding this policy or for other data protection issues. Contact information can be found at the end of this policy.

What is a personal task?

A personal data is all information that directly or indirectly may be attributed to a physical living person. Examples of this are from personal identification numbers to e-mail addresses, but encrypted data can also be personal data if they can be linked to natural persons.

What is a "treatment" of a personal task?

The term "treatment" is broad and encompasses most of the personal data. Everything from collection and storage to change, use or delete is "processing".

When do we collect personal information about you?

Details you provide to us

We collect and process personal information that you provide to us, such as When you visit our site, buy a particular product or service, sign up for our newsletter, contact us or use our digital channels.

Information collected when using our services

When using our services, we record information about your use. This information includes what services you use, which pages you visit and how you behave on the site. For example, we use Google Analytics and other tools for registering information. This information may include operating systems, browser versions, IP addresses, cookies, and unique identifiers.


Why do we process your personal information?

In order for us to provide services and goods to you, we must process your personal information.

We process your information mainly to:

Manage and provide our services and goods

Manage customer service and other requests

Provide information and promote goods and services that you may be interested in

Improve our services and goods, for example, by examining and evaluating customer satisfaction or the market.

See further information under item 7.

What are the legal grounds for processing your personal information?

In order to process personal data, there is a legal basis for this. Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden processes personal information on the following grounds;

Since personal data processing is necessary for us to fulfill an agreement we have with you - eg. to provide or administer a service you purchased

When personal data processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, eg accounting obligations

Since we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal information eg to answer requests for goods or to communicate with you about similar goods and services that you previously purchased

Since personal data processing is allowed because you have given your consent to it.

See further information under item 7.

How long do we save your data?

Your personal data will only be processed for as long as necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected - for example, as long as it is necessary for us to fulfill the obligations we have in connection with an agreement with you. We may save the data longer if required by law or to guard our legal interests, such as if there is a legal process going on.

Your personal data will be deleted or anonymized when they are no longer relevant for the purposes for which they have been collected.

See further information under item 7.


If you're a customer with us, we'll look at how you use our web, which of our products, services and offers you've been interested in, which of our newsletters you've interacted with and which of your events you signed up with, information about your purchases and information about your account holdings. We do this to provide you with offers and invitations to events that we think you would be interested in.

You may at any time object to the processing of personal data through profiling. You can do this by contacting us at

Who can we share your information with?

We do not share your information with anyone outside of Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB

Group.9. Where are your data processed? As a starting point, your personal data are processed within the EU. In the event that we use service providers who transfer your personal data to countries outside the EU and EEA, we will take steps to protect your personal data in accordance with applicable legal requirements, for example by requiring the supplier to protect the data in accordance with applicable data protection rules . If you want to know more about the safeguards we have taken, please contact us. Your rightsRegistration and access to your personal dataSo registered, you are entitled to request correction of incorrect information at any time or to change the personal data you provided. You also have the right to know which personal data we have registered about you. This is done by requesting a so-called registry extract. Recognizing future consent. If we process your personal data on the legal basis, you are entitled to withdraw your continued consent at any time regarding future treatment. Respond to your treatment. You are entitled to oppose treatments as we performs on the basis of a balance of interest. You may terminate advertising and communications at any time. You can unsubscribe by clicking on a link in the current message or contacting us (see contact details below) .RelatingIn certain circumstances, you have the right to have your personal information deleted. However, this does not apply if we are required by law, for example, to preserve the data. Limitation of treatment You may also have the right to request processing of your personal data. However, if you request that the processing of your information be limited, we may not be able to meet our obligations to you during the time the processing is limited. Data PortabilityIf you wish to move your information from us, you may also have a copy of The personal data relating to you are collected in a structured, machine-readable format (right to data portability). This right includes only information that you have shared with us.11. Especially about cookies When you visit our websites, we use cookies. We will shortly update our cookie policies.12. Complaints regarding our processing of your personal information Should you be dissatisfied with our method of processing your personal information, please contact us at data If you are not satisfied with our complaint handling process, please file your complaint to the competent supervisory authority, currently the computer inspection.13. Contact information to personally responsibleLundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB, org. No. 556827-9953, Strandgatan 30, 52331 Ulricehamn, Tel: 0321-13666, is personally responsible and responsible for Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB processing of your personal data. For questions about data protection or if you want to use your rights as above, you will find us easiest at: 14. Changes to the Privacy Policy We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy. You will always find the latest version on the site. For updates that are critical to our processing of personal data (such as modification of specified purposes), this will be communicated to you.

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