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Hi, and welcome to our customer support.

Feel free to contact our support at:


Phone: +46 321 13 666


Things you might want to prepare:

1. If you reclaim a warranty case we might need a copy of the recipt or invoice. Or at least if you know when you bought it we can try to find it in our records.

2. In case of machines, furniture or other non-consumables that are outside of warranty date we can still look at it and have it sent for repairs against the repair cost of the manufacturer.

3. Do not send anything to us without a document that tells us who it's from and what the problem is. It is difficult for us to know what comes from who and why. Proper documentation and information about products sent to us greatly speeds up the process since we don't have to wait to be contacted regarding them again.

4. Ship it with Postnord Parcel, UPS, DHL, TNT etc. and make sure it comes direct to us. Some cheap options ship it to the closest parcel office and this can take up to a week extra or in worst case, sent back to you.

5. For in-house repairs we might need to order spare parts and this can take some time depending on the availability of these parts. So be prepared for it taking a while. We will do it as fast as possible.

6. If you need to ship something to us, pack it well. We do not cover damaged goods and consumables can be exchanged or refunded as long as they are in brand new condition. Also make sure you have desinfected the products. We do not want to risk our staff handling dirty germs. 



Shipping adress:

Lundberg Custom Supplies Sweden AB

Strandgatan 30, 52331 Ulricehamn


Phone: +46(0)321 13666


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