Unigloves Opal Pearl Nitilre Size M

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    Designed specifically for the tattoo market with style and protection in mind. Extremely high quality with hygiene protection against blood and body fluids, plus maintaining a superior grip quality.

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    1 nitrile glove: 15 colours. Designed to minimise risks of cross-contamination; the Pearl range are high quality, medical-grade, powder free nitrile gloves that can be used across a variety of settings for barrier protection and to effectively prevent cross-contamination. Designed with a beaded cuff and textured for superior grip, the Pearl range are also the ideal choice when double-gloving; the contrasting colours ensure that any accidental nicks or tears are immediately apparent.


    Colour coding to reduce the risk of cross contamination

    Pearl has been designed with functionality in mind, by offering a series of colours which are suitable for colour-coding in the work environment to help avoid cross-contamination.

    Textured finish for superior grip

    The Pearl range are premium quality, chemically tested, medical grade, powder-free nitrile gloves that offer enhanced barrier protection with a beaded cuff and textured finish for superior grip. A grip that works for glove users improves their performance and increases workforce motivation in terms of correct glove usage, improving their safety and your compliance.

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