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Tattoo Creme!

2015-01-05 11.55


Köp 5 st 10pack med Epita2 Tattoo Cream!

Spara 975kr! inpriset blir 23,40kr per tub. Riktpris ut till kund är 80kr. På detta paketet tjänar ni över 2500kr!!!  Passa på så länge lagret räcker! Kanonsalva till vrakpris!

Detta är ett erbjudande som gäller en månad.




Gott Nytt år!

2014-12-30 16.39

Happy New Year!

Lundberg Custom Would like to thank all the great customers we got! Without u guys we are nothing. Thanks to u we have become the greatest supplier i Sweden and perhaps the whole Scandinavia!

Year 2015 is gonna be awesome! We got plenty of new stuff coming out at the market soon. Alot of new Lundberg Custom inhouse brands will be listed. So ladies and gentlemen, Beware!

The Swedish healthboard (Läkemedelsverket) are in this moment testing some of the inks that are for sale in sweden. From all the listed dealers. The first report about heavy metals in our inks are great! Nothing to complain at. Feels great! Our goal is to make all of our customers as safe as possible. If u got any inputs, critics (or even flattering words).... let us know. This is our job and we are madly keen that our customers feels good!

Please like us at facebook HERE and please follow us at Instagram HERE. We will post more news than before and this gonna make u getting the hot stuff before everybody else, yeay! Feel free to share our link and we will share yours. We are never closed. open 24/7.

We will as usual attend the best shows around. 

Tattoo Meltdown

Svenska Tatueringsmässan

Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention

Stockholm Inkbash

more to come!

See u out there!

Huskvarna Rock & Art 2014

2014-10-01 09.40

No orders will be handeled from u read this until earliest monday the 6th of october. This because we are at the Huskvarna Rock & Art convention. We having a booth there. Come by and say hi! Check the website. Huskvarna Rock & Art

London Tattoo Convention 2014

2014-09-24 15.36

Hey Folks! 

During 25-29th September most of of the Lundberg Custom Crew will be at London Tattoo Convention.

We wont have a booth but we will be around the whole weekend for a chat with customers and distributors!

U all should go. Its a crazy good show! The orders during this period will be handeled as usual by our crew member Kristian.

Phone hours will be limited. To make sure someone ansver your call please call between 08:00-12:00.

If u got any email questions u can mail or

C u guys in London!



Ink bash 2014

2014-08-25 16.38

The show coming closer! This year is gonna be awesome. Lundberg Custom has brought the Bristol Tattoo Club to Sweden for the first time! Come visit our booth for a look at a part of the museum. On top of that we have also the man behind Silverback Ink in our booth! Randy Howell will fly directly from Los Angeles California to help us answer all the questions about the new Insta Black series! The legendary Ove Skog or more known as Doc Forest will also stay with us. He will be a part of the Exhibition and also doing exlusive traditional Tattoos hopefully! There is more! But we will tell u that when u showing up at our booth! Welcome and Cheers!


BTW No orders will be sent from the webshop until earliest tuesday the 2nd of September, cause of the show! 

We hope u understand.

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