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    Used for stencils for decades! 

    Dettol is used by professional tattooists and piercers to maintain an element of health and safety in the studio. It is commonly used for cleaning the skin, applying first aid and for medical and personal hygiene. The liquid contains Chloroxylenol which is used to kill bacteria and protect you against germs which could lead to infection and illness. Dettol can be used as an antiseptic to cleanse the wounds inflicted to the skin after undergoing a piercing or tattoo. A must have for the professional artist.

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    Commonly used for stencils and cleaning in the tattoo circles the Dettol Liquid first aid antiseptic is a versatile product.

    Dettol Liquid First Aid Antiseptic can be used for wound cleaning for cuts, grazes, bites and stings. Also great for personal hygiene uses; Can be used to treat pimples and dandruff.

    Product details:
    - Do not use undiluted
    - Do not use on eczema or similar skin conditions
    - Antiseptic wound cleansing for cuts, grazes, bites & stings.

    Wash the area with a tablespoonful of Dettol diluted in half pint of water. Cover with clean, dry dressing
    - Personal hygiene: Dandruff 1 tablespoonful to 1 pint of warm water. Pour over hair and scalp, leave for 10 minutes before shampooing.
    Spots and pimples 1 tablespoonful to half pint of warm water. Bathe affected area daily

    500ml bottle.

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